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Sophie Levy represents the  story of an extraordinary passion that combines fashion and style, she is one of the most influential fashion gurus in Paris , and she can take you right away in a flight of fantasy that involves a technique on how to look good and at the same time to be coherent with the trends of the moment.

Much more than just a luxury concept store To ATLF offers each season a carefully edited and handpicked selection.

With her discerning eye and flair for upcoming trends, Sophie Levy scrutinizes each parade as a fashion journalist.

She attends the most prestigious shows in Paris, London, Milan and New York in order to seize their essence.

Her unique vision and experience in fashion are reflected in To ATLF.

With this blog , Sophie Levy wants to share her unique experiences in real life, runway shows and the wonderful world of style that we see in Hollywood. She works carefully editing and comenting every fashion trend with his collaborator Sergio Corvacho, a fashion journalist that also doubles up as a producer and makeup artist in diferent sessions all over the world. Together, they created this blog to be in touch with readers all over the world , and share their unique experiences about style.

Sophie also takes care of the style in a lot of shoots, and dressing the most important celebrities.

To conclude the resume , Sophie , not only talks about fashion , she plays and helps the tastes of women in the five continents that travel all the way to Paris to see her fashion choices and hear a word of advice in style.

The multi-brand ATLF store is a must-visit address in Paris, a place conjugating valuable advice from a trend aficionado and a constantly renewed selection of women’ s clothing and accessories.

Par Sophie Levy & Elisa Tovati 31 Octobre 2011
Emission M6 100% MAG
Par Sophie Levy 31 Octobre 2011
Emission New York, New York de Juliette Longuet
Par Sophie Levy 14 Juillet 2011
SAFRAN, BEURRE OU CITRON: LE JAUNE,STAR DU COLOR BLOCK DE L'ETE, MET-ILLES PEOPLE A L'ABRI D'UNE FAUTEDE GOÛT? NOTRE JURY TRANCHE.Pour la tenue de MELANIE LAURENTSOPHIE LEVY 3/10Mis à part la belle assocition de perfecto (rock) et de l'écharpe (grunge), le perf' court sur le ...
Par Sophie Levy 03 Août 2011
A Toutes Les Filles et Hudson apposent leurs noms côte à côte sur une étiquette. En septembre, le multimarque lancera cette collaboration sous la forme de cinq pièces exclusives: jeans et blousons. Une mini-collection qui est le fruit d'une collaboration entre ...

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